Cummings Flavel McCormack is a young and vibrant accounting firm experiencing rapid growth.

Through our commitment to providing high quality accounting services to the medium sized Australian businesses Cummings Flavel McCormack has continued to expand in all service areas of the practice. Our significant growth continues to create opportunities across our broad range of service offerings. In expanding the practice we seek to employ professional candidates with the following attributes:
Strong technical abilities

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • A strong and dedicated work ethic
  • An enthusiasm to develop a rewarding and challenging career
There are many reasons why you would enjoy a successful and rewarding career in Chartered Accounting with Cummings Flavel McCormack. Below are just a few of our favourites:

Great career opportunities

At CFMC, we offer careers in business services, audit, taxation and superannuation where our staff work on a range of clients in terms of both size and industry. Our Graduates are provided with exposure to all these areas, with the opportunity to specialise available at more senior levels. CFMC provides a career development structure from Graduate to Manager level, through which staff can progress, based upon their experience and performance. Readiness for promotion to the next level is reviewed regularly as part of the CFMC Performance Management process (see Reward for performance), with the achievement of a promotion recognised as an important milestone in a staff member’s career and one which is well worth celebrating.

Professional development

As part of a rapidly growing organisation, professional development of our staff is paramount to enable us to continue providing highly skilled accounting, taxation, audit and superannuation services to our ever expanding client base. Our extensive training programs are geared towards ensuring that our people are equipped with the technical expertise to deliver high quality, practical and commercially oriented business advice to our clients. Through exposure to our broad range of clients across many industries, our staff members develop a well rounded depth of knowledge and experience to become expert business advisors, not just accountants. Cummings Flavel McCormack encourages all of our staff to undertake CA or the CPA Program. Full sponsorship of course fees, in-house mentoring and time off to study for exams are some of the benefits you can expect. We are also strongly supportive of external studies that add value to both your own career and to the firm.

Director and manager involvement

A great aspect of working for Cummings Flavel McCormack is the opportunity that staff members at all levels are given to work closely with the directors and managers of the practice in servicing our clients. It is part of our unique selling proposition to have a low director-to-staff ratio. In the same way that our clients appreciate the hands on involvement of our directors and managers in servicing their business requirements, our staff also benefit from accessing the knowledge and experience of people who are experts in their field.

A life outside work

Whilst we all enjoy the challenges of a rewarding and successful career this should never come at the expense of a satisfying family and social lifestyle. Cummings Flavel McCormack promotes a healthy work / lifestyle balance for all our staff and directors alike (truly!!). A commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff is evident in our relaxed office environment, modest work hour requirements in relation to many larger firms and our regular social activities.

Reward for performance

Our staff members are remunerated competitively in line with prevailing market conditions within the industry. We regularly survey the market to ensure our salaries accurately reflect the high calibre of staff we seek to recruit. Through the CFMC performance management system, our staff members are encouraged to take responsibility for their careers through the regular setting of career development goals and self assessment of performance, as well as receiving feedback on their work performances. Remuneration levels are regularly reviewed, with increases based on market conditions and providing deserved reward for achievement. For further information in respect of career opportunities available at Cummings Flavel McCormack please contact Susan Hatton (03) 9252 0800 or apply online.

Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, I couldn’t be happier with where I am working now…

Less than one year ago I started as a Graduate working in the Business Services division, looking after the tax affairs of individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses. In this short time I have learnt so much, from completing Tax Returns and Financials, to putting together summaries for clients about the sale of taxable Canadian property. No day is ever the same in Business Services and the variety of work has enabled me to develop my understanding in many aspects of business, not solely in tax. It has also meant that I have worked with a range of people with different expertise, such as in Audit, Superannuation, Tax Consulting and Administration. At CFMC, each job is assigned a staff member, such as myself, a Manager and a Director. What this means is you have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from people more knowledgeable and experienced than you from day one.

A great aspect of working for a mid-sized firm is that their focus is really centered around your learning and development. I was paired with a mentor from the outset who helped me transition into the firm and showed me ‘the ropes’. Within a few months a Director had invited me to sit in on a client meeting and then only a few months later, I was starting to communicate with clients directly. Moreover, I was devoting a few hours per day in the Corporate Secretarial area. This meant I was able to acquire a holistic view of a business: right from setting up a company, all the way through to it’s deregistration. Aside from building my knowledge working on typical tax accounting work, I have also been involved in some exciting projects. For example, I recently assisted a Director in preparing a submission to the Treasury regarding the proposed Objective of Superannuation.

At CFMC, formal professional development for staff members is a priority with monthly training on updates in tax legislation, regular training sessions held by our tax team on topics staff find challenging, and a variety of tax webinars. Initially I found these sessions challenging, but with practical experience and after having completed a few Chartered Accounting (CA) modules (which the firm supports), I found I was able to begin applying this knowledge to the specific jobs on which I was working.

On the social side, we have regular exercise offerings such as fortnightly yoga sessions at lunchtime, a table tennis table, and the firm has a ‘Dream Team’ who organise fantastic firm-wide events (such as Escape Room, bubble soccer, and movies, just to name a few). These events are a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of a work environment. We also have a CFMC Women in Business group (CFMShe) which was formed to support the female staff members at CFMC to pursue their careers and their goals.

I really look forward to furthering my knowledge at CFMC, whilst still enjoying the social balance that the firm offers.

Katya is a Graduate Accountant in our Business Services team.


Having made my morning coffee, I checked my emails and prepared a to-do list for the day.


I had a meeting with my manager who briefed me on a client I hadn’t worked on before. She explained the clients’ business (a restaurant and food manufacturer) and went through the prior years’ working papers with me (working papers are an Excel document we use to substantiate all the figures that go into a clients’ financials and tax return). Whenever we receive new work, we have this type of discussion to ensure we understand the client, the work that needs to be done, and the timelines for completion.


I began working on the compliance (financials and tax return) for the above client. Depending on the size of the client, this could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete. Today the job was quite simple so I reviewed the client’s MYOB file and began referencing the working papers.


We had a team meeting. We typically use this time to discuss our workload and relay any important information or issues to the team. We also have a regular firm wide meeting which allows everyone on the floor to receive an update on the firm including clients won, staff nominations and social club activities.


A few Business Activity Statements (BASs) arrived in the mail and I sent emails to the clients requesting their sales and GST information for the quarter. A few signed tax returns also arrived, which I lodged with the ATO. When I first started at CFMC these types of tasks were all completely new to me, but within a few months they became quite familiar as we have to lodge BASs for clients every 3 months.


I continued working on the accounts from this morning. I completed as much as I could and sent the working papers, draft financials, and draft income tax return to my manager for her to review. I also drafted an email to the client requesting additional information I thought we needed in order to finalise their accounts. All work is reviewed by a supervisor before it is finalised for a client. As a graduate you have a buddy who is always available to help you while you’re working on the job. The more accounts you work on, the more familiar the process becomes, and the more independent you become in your work.


I did some bookkeeping work in Xero for a client in the medical field, which involved processing the pay run for all the employees and entering various invoices for their purchases during the week. A number of our clients are on Xero now, as well as MYOB and QuickBooks, and it is interesting to learn about all the different accounting systems.


Lunch-time! There are some really good options in this area, including Kettle Black, Crux & Co, and UberEats.


A client called and asked me a question regarding the tax deductibility of overseas travel for both business and private purposes. As I was familiar with the general provisions relating to her question, I provided an answer, letting her know that I would confirm with one of our Tax Consultants. Once I had done this, I was able to send her a follow up email confirming the answer to her question. I receive direct queries from clients via email and phone where I have been introduced as one of their contacts and receive a few queries every fortnight.


From 2PM to 4PM I dedicated time to helping in the Corporate Secretarial department. Today I completed some Annual Company Review letters, added various clients onto CFMC’s ASIC agent list, put together the paperwork for company and trust registrations, and drafted some ASIC forms to align a few companies’ annual review dates.


A Director phoned and asked if I was available to sit in and take notes for a telephone conference he was attending regarding the proposed changes to superannuation legislation. Fortunately I could put my other work on hold and join the meeting. Following the call, the Director asked me to compile a summary of the call to forward to the attendees. This was a great opportunity to hear about a really topical subject and be involved in the superannuation space.


I completed my timesheet for the day.


On this particular day I left work at 5PM and headed into the city to attend my MasterClass for my CA Taxation module. My workday generally ends between 5PM and 5:30PM, but of course there are times when I need to stay back to meet client deadlines.

Katya is a Graduate Accountant in our Business Services team.

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