CFMC proudly supports women by ensuring equal opportunities in their day to day work and career with the firm. In 2016, CFMC launched its CFMC Women in Business group, later named by the group ‘CFMShe’, with its purpose being to ‘support the females at CFMC to work effectively, enabling rewarding roles and to grow their careers.’ This is done by providing;

  • An opportunity for all staff to build a supportive female network within the firm
  • A forum for discussion and sharing of knowledge/experiences
  • A focus on particular relevant topics for skill development/areas of interest (soft skills, working mums etc)
  • A place to further celebrate achievements by female staff.

In its first year, CFMShe met regularly following our launch celebrating International Women’s Day, initially focusing on understanding the areas of interest within the group, as well as covering relevant topics such as body language and networking – all in a very friendly and social environment which naturally builds positive relationships within the team.

This year CFMShe is excited to be supporting the Carlton Women’s Football team competing in the inaugural AFL Women’s competition through CFMC’s sponsorship of the Carlton Game Changers and in particular their player, Kate Shierlaw! We see this support as very much in alignment with the purpose of CFMShe as well as the theme of the 2017 International Women’s Day theme ‘Be bold for change’.

We welcome all female staff to join CFMShe and even have our male colleagues along at times to hear topics which will benefit both men and women as we work together.

CFMC Director Richard DeBono and
Zoe Cortese with Kate.

CFMC Director Craig Silvester
interviewing Kate.

Kate Shierlaw watching highlights
from a Carlton match.

CFMShe facilitator, Susan Hatton, presenting.